Star Ocean Shipping LLC handle 2500cbm total 6 boats by Charter Vsl MLB Boukum from Ras Al Kamiah port to Jubail Commercial Port by Aug-25-2023 , one of the most heavy boat weight reach to 100 ton.

Star Ocean Team after get the Order from Customer, within 5 days finish below all works through hard work organized by Mr Junaid.

Start work from Site Survey,  study cargo drawing and lifting point, to loading and lifting plan, berthing plan, Lifting Gear Lifting Fram certificate with all Details with communication between Carrier, Booking Agent, Shipping Agent, Port authority, Shipper, Customs inspector, Clearance Agent.

RMC customs very strict and only allow loading at day time. Also all boats with chassis number should be mentioned when doing customs inspection.

Chater vsl smoothly berth and move to KSA , sailing time is very short just 8 hours